GOING DOWN (1982) (M)

Australia, 1982 (MIFF 2009, Australian Post-punk)

Director: Haydn Keenan

"A remarkable landmark in Australian independent filmmaking. Unfortunately, it is a landmark that few people noticed.” - Marcus Breen, Australian Film 1978 - 1992

One of the first films to show the world the true gritty underside of Australian life, Going Down has become a cult classic for its realistic depiction of Sydney in the 1980s, a portrayal decidedly at odds with the sun, surf, sand and barbies of Australia's tourism campaigns.

A kind of post-punk proto-Sex in the City, Going Down follows four young women on a night out on the town, celebrating one last evening together before one of them takes off for New York. They're in for a heady night of booze, drugs, breakdowns and hook ups, as they face the end of their adolescence and the disintegration of the old gang.

Stars Tracy Mann and David Argue, and features a fantastic soundtrack that includes Pel Mel.

D/P Haydn Keenan S Moira MacLaine-Cross, Julie Barry, Melissa Woods WS Smart St. Films TD 35mm/1982

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