(MIFF 2009, Australian Post-Punk)

The Blonde's Date With Death
John Hillcoat 1980 15mins 16mm
This Swinburne-made film demonstrates the director's fascination with violence and human misdeed. Features many a post-punk pin-up.

Hugh Marchant / music: Plays With Marionettes 1982 3 mins super-8
Kinetic and colourful super-8 clip made for the band whose members went on to form The Wreckery.

Sick Child
Linda Baron / music: Crime & the City Solution 1978 5 mins video
Rough sound and lo-fi video cannot disguise the magnetism of the much-imitated Simon Bonney and his crew.

The Incubus
Michael Buckley / Marcus Bergner / Marie Hoy 1983 8 mins 16mm
This bold collaborative adventure in the tradition of Un Chien andalou depicts the artist's muse as a dreadful negative force.

Etrusco Me
Marcus Bergner 1983 4 mins 16mm
Aeolian harp spore historical uncertainties as East Berlin and Etruscan relics graphically conflate against a live performance by Marie Hoy.

John Cumming 1981/85 23 mins 16mm
Outwardly about car mania, this rich and referential black and white film is a poetic response to the burden of self-actualisation.

The Birthday Party live 1983
Jurgis (George) Maleckas 1983/2009 38 mins video
Never before seen footage of an unrestrained performance by The Birthday Party at The Venue in St Kilda. One of their last concerts.

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