UK, 2009 (MIFF 2010, Night Shift)

Director: Ben Wheatley

“If The Sopranos had been cooked up by Mike Leigh instead of David Chase, the result might resemble Down Terrace.” - Cinematical

This black suburban comedy from director Ben Wheatley slickly marries family drama to crime-flick to produce a cross-genre gem.

Father-and-son gangster duo Bill and Karl, released from a four-month stint in a Brighton prison, settle back into a routine of drinking, pot-smoking and crime. But there's a snitch in their midst, and the dysfunctional family of thugs are set to explode with violence.

Brimming with menace, Down Terrace stars co-writer Robin Hill alongside his real-life wife and father, and features a chilling crime clan matriarch that puts Jacki Weaver's performance in Animal Kingdom to shame.

D Ben Wheatley P Andy Starke S Robin Hill, Ben Wheatley Dist Madman Entertainment TD digibeta/2009

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