Australia, 2011 (MIFF 2011, Australian Showcase)

Director: Matthew Bate

"If you wanna talk to me then SHUT YOUR F**KEN MOUTH!" - Raymond Huffman

In 1987, Eddie and Mitch found themselves living next door to Peter and Raymond - a flamboyant gay man and a raging homophobe who fired abuse at each other during nightly liquor-fuelled stoushes. The guys recorded these 'colourful' exchanges through the paper-thin walls and inadvertently created one of the world's first viral sensations - one which inspired a cult following on the cassette-zine circuit, spawned a stage play and multiple film projects, and made its way into the work of comic artist Dan Clowes (Ghost World) and the music of Devo.

Spaning issues of voyeurism, art, privacy and exploitation, this riveting documentary charts the unconventional story of an underground phenomenon.

Matthew Bate is a guest of the Festival.

"Alternately hilarious and discomfiting, and finally rather poignant." - Variety

D/S Matthew Bate P Sophie Hyde, Matthew Bate Dist Madman Entertainment TD HD Cam/2011

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