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A remarkable true story of courage and survival in the Australian outback during World War II. ... In 1941, all the white women and children were evacuated from Darwin ahead of the anticipated Japanese invasion. But for the Methodists from the mission on nearby Croker Island, evacuation would mean leaving behind the 95 Aboriginal children who had been placed in their care. Refusing to abandon the ... Read more
Rolf de Heer's latest film, in the Official Selection at Cannes this year, submerges its audience into the intricate world of a woman with severe physical disabilities. Heather Rose, herself disabled, plays Julia, a woman with cerebral palsy. Her carer, Madelaine, abuses Julia both mentally and physically, going so far as to disconnect the voice machine that provides her sole means of communicatio... Read more
Acclaimed actor and stage director Simon Stone makes his first foray into feature filmmaking with this adaptation of his award-winning play The Wild Duck. ... After many years away, Christian (Paul Schneider) returns to the logging town he once called home for his father's wedding. As he reconnects with his family and childhood friends, he unearths a long-buried secret but his attempts to fix thin... Read more
Some secrets and superstitions are best left alone. ... After the stunning short Jewboy (MIFF 05) and stirring documentary The Tall Man, Australian director Tony Krawitz makes his full-length fiction feature debut with Dead Europe. Based on the novel by The Slap's Christos Tsiolkas, this enigmatic effort unravels a melancholy mystery filled with past failures, present uncertainty and future reperc... Read more
The Dead Letter Office: a limbo for lost mail and lost souls. Having been abandoned by her father as a child, Alice (Miranda Otto) continued to write him letters, not realising that he never received them. Seemingly unemployable, she eventually takes a job with the Dead Letter Office, convinced that she can use her work to fulfil her romantic notions of a reunion with her father. The boss, Frank (... Read more
Australian painter John Perceval is renowned for protecting his privacy. This documentary is a rare look at his life and work seen through the cinema vérité camera of David Blackwell (father of one of Perceval's grandchildren). We first meet Perceval as he recounts his childhood growing up in Western Australia's wheat belt. He describes his parents brief marriage, and their separation which led hi... Read more
"Bodybuilding is hidden and so quiet in Australia because the dominating sports are NRL and AFL and the bloody cricket … I want to shine a light on this sport where the people train just as hard as any other athlete." – Natasha Lawrence ... For Indigenous women Natasha Lawrence and Kylene Anderson, there's only one priority in their lives right now: to make it to the Arnolds, an invitation-only bo... Read more
SUNDAY 6 AUGUST, 5PM - SOLD OUT ... Providing a uniquely Australian perspective on the biggest annual sporting event in the world, Dan Jones' documentary debut follows the fortunes of the 2005 Tour de France. The film focuses on three Australians reporting on the world famous cycling event; two are bona fide journalists while a third appears to be making the most of a press pass to get close to th... Read more
George Greenough has been called the most forward-thinking ocean-immersive motion picture photographer of the last few decades. Dolphin Glide is his newest work and is the culmination of his latest innovation: an underwater camera rig designed to 'swim with the dolphins'. As with his previous works (such as the cult classic The Innermost Limits of Pure Fun), Dolphin Glide is a hypnotic trip below ... Read more
Painter/photographer/filmmaker David Perry immersed himself in Sydney's vibrant jazz scene and came out drenched in musical flavour and improvisation. Interviews with prominent Sydney jazz players including Bernie McGann, Mike Nock and Tony Gorman, as well as jazz authority John Clare, draw together what are often mistaken as disparate parts of an unorganised whole. ... With live sets recorded at ... Read more
"My wish is that you may be loved to the point of madness." – André Breton ... The surrealists are alive and well in contemporary Berlin. Living together in a decaying commune called the Glasshouse, the luminaries of art's most controversial scene wrestle with a city inclined to be rid of them, an art world being bought out by the rich, and years of wild living and simmering grudges. When founding... Read more
SATURDAY 5 AUGUST, 9PM - SOLD OUT ... World Premiere ... Melbourne iconoclast, Alkinos Tsilimidos, teams up again with renowned playwright Daniel Keene (Tom White MIFF 2004) to create this unflinchingly confronting, romantic tragedy. Together, young local actors Laura Gordon and Nick Barkla are revelatory as the doomed lovers of the tale, Emma and Jay, who descend into a criminal rampage to suppor... Read more
The human body contains many secrets and some wounds are too deep to ever be healed. ... In a mysterious laboratory in snow-cloaked Dresden, visiting Canadian scientist Geoff Burton finds himself working on a clandestine project to divine the human regeneration gene. However, haunted by personal tragedy and a past he can't escape, Burton falls deeper and deeper into the treacherous outer reaches o... Read more
"A bristling little Australian indie that lands its many punches with pungent power." - Hollywood Reporter ... After Greg (Vince Colosimo) is attacked by a young employee outside his home, he finds his life and his relationship with wife Claire (Sigrid Thornton) turned upside down, as a face-to-face intervention chaired by Jack (Matthew Newton) exposes secrets, lies and ever-increasing layers of c... Read more
The untold story of Nevil Shute's famed novel On The Beach and the film of the same name. ... Acclaimed British-Australian novelist Nevil Shute's best-known work, On The Beach is widely considered one of the most significant anti-war novels of the 20th century. Written in the aftermath of the atomic destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it convincingly anticipates the impact of global nuclear pro... Read more
Vicki is an impetuous art student who falls in love with, and marries, Greg, a shy medical student. Soon, married life equates with being stuck at home with two toddlers. not quite what Vicki anticipated. To relieve the boredom, she takes a part-time job teaching art classes, but this rapidly evolves into a 'back of the van' love affair with Hugo, one of her students. Vicki can only sustain the de... Read more
Fortress Australia uncovers the brazen attempt by successive Australian governments to fortress the nation with atomic weapons. Recently released top secret documents finally allow this astonishing story to be told, revealing a web of intrigue in which Australia's nuclear industry became inextricably linked to a quest for atomic weapons technology. Set against a backdrop of post-war paranoia about... Read more
What ever happened to Gerry Humphrys? This is teh question asked and answered in Nigel Buesst's tribute to a great lost figure in Australian music. Humphrys is best remembered as front man for The Loved Ones, an international pop sensation in the 60s for their hits The Loved One and Ever Lovin' Man. The former track was revived by INXS and once more became a million-seller. The Loved Ones' combina... Read more
James Clayden's Ghost Paintings series, produced over the past 17 years, represents a bold and unique synthesis of film and video art. Carefully layered textures, colours and sounds become a sort of visual poetry that defies rational analysis, but that nevertheless invokes thought in the viewer. ... MIFF presents the world premiere of two new additions to James Clayden's acclaimed Ghost Paintings ... Read more
"Wide awake to the wonder, terror and giddy confusion of being a 14-year-old adolescent in 1970s Australia, Rosemary Myers' Girl Asleep is a strange, savvy, big-hearted teen adventure … unquestionably unique." – Variety ... Winner of the Adelaide Film Festival Audience Award for Most Popular Feature, and the Seattle Film Festival's Grand Prix, Girl Asleep is the sparkling filmmaking debut of Windm... Read more
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