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"A touching work by the Australian master Paul Cox … this is not a formula film with phony setbacks and a happy ending, but a truthful, philosophical film about what love means, what time means, and how time can steal love or deepen it." – Roger Ebert ... In June, Australian cinema lost one of its greats in Paul Cox (Force of Destiny, MIFF 2015). To commemorate his life and contribution both to lo... Read more
Inside Australia AustraliaInside Australia tracks renowned British sculptor Antony Gormley as he embarks on a sculptural installation that awakens a small goldfields town in Western Australia. The outback town of Menzies, 650 kilometres from Perth, is home to the vast Lake Ballard. This timeless backdrop is the setting for Gormley's most ambitious work to date. Gormley 'scans' the vast majority of... Read more
The Ister Australia'The find of the festival' was how Film Comment's European editor described Melbourne production The Ister, when it premiered at Rotterdam Film Festival.Martin Heidegger became one of the most influential philosophers of the last century with his 1927 magnum opus, Being and Time. By 1933 Heidegger had embraced the Nazi 'revolution' but after clashing with their bureaucracy, reje... Read more
Jabe is no ordinary babe. She measures a towering 188cm, wields a whip for a living and has aspirations to work in the funeral industry. Jabe also has a life-threatening condition called Marfan Syndrome, a connective-tissue disorder that affects one in 3000 people and of which the most evident symptom is accelerated growth. ... Through skilfully worked fiction and non-fiction forms, [Jabe Babe: A ... Read more
Visually stunning and simply told, Jabiluka is the chilling story of how the Mirrar people were pressured into allowing uranium mining at Jabiluka in Kakadu National Park. Telling first-hand accounts and archival footage of the 'negotiation' process present a damning picture of government duplicity. As events unfold we learn the likely impact of increased mining on Kakadu's fragile wetlands. Gover... Read more
Melbourne in winter… Rain. Wind. Pubs. Beer. Sex. Corruption. Murder. ... Based on international award-winning crime writer Peter Temple's novel Bad Debts and directed by Jeffrey Walker, Jack Irish - Bad Debts is the first in a series of films that burrows into the seedier side of Melbourne. ... Jack Irish (Guy Pearce) is a former criminal lawyer, collector of uncollectable debts, football lover, ... Read more
[Jewboy], which screened in Un Certain Regard at Cannes this year, announces the abundant talent of director Tony Krawitz. Set in the Chassidic community of Sydney, it concerns a young man named Yuri, recently returned from Israel, who turns his back on his strict Chassidic community. He yearns to experience freedoms that are forbidden according to his religion. ... Yuri is losing faith, and feels... Read more
"How many recent Australian drama films strike us as evocatively moody, eerily disquieting, rigorously intelligent, and fluently cinematic? Sotiris Dounoukos achieves all this in Joe Cinque's Consolation, a subtle tour de force of complex characters captured in their social environment." – Adrian Martin ... Anu Singh was an Australian National University law student in the late 1990s when she star... Read more
Josh Jarman Australia Marcus Graham is Josh Jarman, a passionate, dedicated playwright who is fed up with his plays being staged in dingy spaces to only a handful of people. His one wish is to have a play staged by a 'real' producer in a 'proper' theatre. While waiting in the offices of hotshot producer Stan Billows (Kim Gyngell), Josh catches the eye of Sasha (Kestie Morassi). Young, attractive a... Read more
Kabbarli sheds light on a peculiar moment of colonial superiority sheltering under a lace parasol. The film's subject, Irish-born Daisy Bates, spent more than 30 years living with Aboriginal tribes on the Nullarbor Plain. In spite of being lauded as a Florence Nightingale figure, her story has always sparked controversy. Believing Aborigines to be a dying people, the 60-year-old monarchist wanted ... Read more
“Anyone coming cold to the story of Australia's Indigenous disgrace will no longer be ignorant after seeing this beautifully shot film.”- George Negus A hard-hitting and necessary film, Kanyini (which means ‘interconnectedness' in Pitjantjatjara) looks at the world's oldest living culture in a way that's never been seen before. Traditional owner of the Uluru lands and former Indigenous Person of t... Read more
Two compelling, short slices of improvisational realism from the Karrabing Film Collective. ... Read more
Siddique is embroiled in a dispute with his brother and former business associate over cash payments made in the dissolution of their partnership. Such friction is nothing new to Siddique, he is locally know as the 'King' of the Chore Bazaar, the famous Thieves Market' of Mumbai. The King solves all manner of conflicts that arise in the market community, usually in ingenious and sometimes sensatio... Read more
1960s Australia, not the swinging city, but a dusty fibro amidst scorched grass in the shadow of an oil refinery Lola (Lola Marceli) is an exotic Spanish woman, defiantly serving chorizos in a land of roast lamb and veggies. But her husband, Ricardo, has had enough of her fiery ways. He heads for calmer waters with his all-Australian mistress, Wendy, and the family savings. Lola and her adolescent... Read more
Lantana is a stunning psychological thriller about love and deception from director Ray Lawrence (Bliss), producer Jan Chapman (The Piano) and screenwriter Andrew Bovell (Head On). ... As Detective Leon Zat (Anthony LaPaglia in a powerhouse performance) and his partner Claudia (Leah Purcell) attempt to solve the mystery of a woman's disappearance, a seemingly impenetrable labyrinth of love, sex an... Read more
The man behind one of Australia's most fascinating legends, Lasseter's Reef, was worth his weight in gold. ... Australia's El Dorado was found by Lewis Harold Bell Lasseter - if we believe his claims in the late 1800s to have discovered a vast gold deposit in central Australia. This mysterious place has never again been found, and many believe it doesn't exist. But one thing is certain: Lasseter w... Read more
The world premiere of a taut story torn from today's headlines but touching on themes as old as the human condition itself: faith, freedom, love, loss and hope. ... Following a deadly terrorist attack on a local synagogue, surviving bomber Sadiq Mohammad (Firass Dirani, Underbelly) flees. Wounded, he seeks shelter in a nearby flat, where he plans to hide while he decides his next move. But the fla... Read more
The Last Days of Yasser Arafat tells the final chapter in the story of one of the most controversial public figures of our time. In September 2003, Palestinian-Australian filmmaker Sherine Salama travelled to the besieged compound of Yasser Arafat. She had a hunch his days were numbered. After a long, frustrating and often-comical struggle, she finally succeeded in interviewing Arafat in October 2... Read more
Told in real time using a solitary claustrophobic location, Last Train to Freo is a tense psychological drama about five individuals who discover they're not who they think they are. It starts with two ex-cons travelling on a train on a hot summer's night, poking fun at their mind-numbing existence. When an attractive woman boards, their attention is instantly captured. However, there's more to th... Read more
Letters to Ali Australia'Throughout the years as an immigrant living in Australia, I have reflected often on this new country. In the year 2001, I felt the country was heading in a very negative direction. In 2002, around October, I read an article in the newspaper written by a doctor on her story with an asylum seeker, a young boy from Afghanistan. I was very moved by the story and felt that I ha... Read more
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