Night Shift

Love, sex and money shots – in glorious 3D. ... Master provocateur Gasper Noé (Enter the Void, MIFF 09 – also screening this year) returns to the screen with Love, his most outrageous, ambitious and personal effort yet: a no-holds-barred, no-shots-prohibited exploration of love at its most primal, engorged and sensuously beautiful. ... Aspiring filmmaker Murphy lives with his girlfriend Omi and th... Read more
"Meticulously acted, gorgeously shot and hilariously insightful about the strange, inarticulable ways people can get on one another's nerves, this psychological thriller takes its premise to surprising, darkly comic extremes." – Variety ... When Alicia (Juno Temple, from Killer Joe, MIFF 2012) flies from California to Chile in order to spend time with her cousin Sarah, she finds herself taken on a... Read more
"As if its sole goal was to take the heavyweight title of Nicolas Cage’s Craziest Movie Ever, Mandy exhibits what Shakespeare called ‘vaulting ambition’ in producing the nuttiest ways for Cage to get into one phantasmagorical showdown after the next." – ... When Red Miller (Cage) met Mandy (Andrea Riseborough) he instantly fell in love. Unfortunately, so did Jeremiah (Linus Roache).... Read more
“A sadistic art-house bloodbath.” - Hollywood Reporter ... A remake of William Lustig's notorious 1980 hit of the same name, this version of Maniac is adapted by screenwriter and producer (with Lustig) Alexandre Aja (Haute Tension, MIFF 04) and stars Elijah Wood (The Lord of the Rings trilogy) and Nora Arnezeder (Paris 36). Director Franck Khalfoun has made the bold decision to shoot the entire fi... Read more
“One of the most extreme pictures ever made.” - Total Film ... Filmmaker Pascal Laugier (Saint Ange) pushes at ‘acceptable' standards with sadistic violence in this dissection of a young woman's quest for revenge against the people who kidnapped and tortured her as a child. ... One of the most controversial and divisive films to screen at Cannes last year, Martyrs takes the recipe established by o... Read more
"If Franz Kafka had ever devised a film for the Three Stooges, it might look something like Men & Chicken … a joyously eccentric, darkly comic fairytale." – Screen Daily ... Upon learning that their recently deceased dad wasn't their biological father, socially awkward half-brothers Gabriel (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo's David Dencik) and Elias (a delightfully against-type Mads Mikkelsen) go i... Read more
Deliverance meets Memento. ... Local filmmaker Richard Gray takes a sharp stylistic turn from his debut character drama, Summer Coda (MIFF 10), with a smart möbius strip of a thriller that twists and turns in many fascinating directions. ... Bound for a remote vacation, a group of young friends get lost and make a shocking, inexplicable discovery. With time looping back on itself, it becomes appar... Read more
“If John Cassavetes had ever made a sci-fi thriller, it probably would've looked and sounded a lot like this.” - Variety ... Six years ago a NASA space probe crashed to earth with a shipload of alien stowaways on board - in the time since, a massive swath of the Mexico-US border has been fenced off, protecting the neighbouring territories from the giant, squid-like aliens that prowl the restricted... Read more
The family that slays together stays together. ... When Lena, a Polish cleaner, misses the last bus home from the airport where she works, she accepts the offer to stay overnight at the family home of her slightly odd coworker. It doesn't take long before she realises that hospitality for this family comes cast in the mould of Fred and Rosemary West. ‘Adopted' as part of the murderous clan, Lena d... Read more
A disturbing vision of the adolescence of America’s most notorious serial killer, and the beginnings of his notoriety. ... Jeffrey Dahmer is a teenage outcast, obsessed with the morbidity of death and not very good at making friends. His parents are in the midst of a divorce and have little time for him, and Jeffrey spends his time performing experiments on roadkill, and dissolving bones in acid. ... Read more
"Suggests what might happen if David Lynch and Errol Morris collaboratively adapted Unsolved Mysteries for the cinema … a gripping, uniquely unmooring experience." – Slant Magazine ... Sleep paralysis is a condition that occurs somewhere between sleep and waking: the person will have the sensation of consciousness, but be unable to move or speak. For some, the paralysis is accompanied by terrifyin... Read more
"Unequalled by anything we've seen before … I cannot think of a better way to experience this film now than with the remastered version. If you get a chance to see it on a big screen this year, I would heartily recommend you take advantage of any such opportunity, because it is a stunning and wonderfully surreal experience." – Daily Dead ... Legendary horror director Don Coscarelli (John Dies at t... Read more
Indie darlings Christopher Abbott and Mia Wasikowska star in a bruising psychosexual fetish thriller from the minds that brought you The Eyes of My Mother (MIFF 2016). ... Comedy doesn’t get much darker than Piercing, a wildly inventive and confronting feature that tackles subjects like abuse, sex and violence with a kinky S&M twist. Piercing begins with Reed wielding an icepick over the cradle of... Read more
The story of Robert, a murderous tyre with psychic powers. ... It's not often something comes along that is completely original in concept, but Rubber is definitely the one-and-only film about a killer tyre. ... When Robert - the aforementioned tyre - becomes the victim of unrequited love, his anger management issues and telekinetic powers erupt into carnage and violence. ... A redefined road-movi... Read more
“Invokes slavishly two masters, Andrei Tarkovsky and Stanley Kubrick, with this intensely baroque and religion-inflected period horror.” - Screen International ... In 1595, decades of savage war have concluded in an uneasy peace between Sweden and Russia. Two brothers, Eerik and Knut, travel the wilds between the two countries, part of a Swedish delegation to redraw the post-war borders. ... Plagu... Read more
"Darkly funny, quasi-sweet and incredibly bloody." - Ain't It Cool ... After exploring the darkest recesses of British culture in Down Terrace (MIFF 2010) and Kill List (MIFF 11), director Ben Wheatley turns his unique style to comedy, albeit his own deranged brand. ... Chris is taking his new girlfriend Tina on a caravan holiday around the UK, stopping at his favourite landmarks, from the Ribbleh... Read more
"You hang onto every word, you cling to every hidden meaning… brims with ideas." - Indiewire ... Sound Of My Voice puts two investigative journalists at the epicentre of a cult led by an enigmatic woman - the film's co-writer and producer, Brit Marling (also co-writer, producer and actor on Another Earth, MIFF 11) - who claims to be from the future. While the plan is to expose her as a fraud, an e... Read more
Science's newest miracle is a big, big mistake. ... Almost a century after Frankenstein's monster first lumbered across cinema screens, Splice proves the ‘humans as God' horror genre never goes out of fashion. ... With the support of executive producer Guillermo Del Toro and the influence of Canadian ‘body horror' compatriot David Cronenberg, filmmaker Vincenzo Natali (Cube) wrangles his biggest b... Read more
"Spring feels so new and refreshing, it serves as a welcome renewal in the horror universe." – Bloody Disgusting ... When Evan loses both his job and his mother in the same week, he takes off on an unplanned trip to Italy, backpacking around to see the sights and party with other tourists. He soon falls in love with the mysterious Louise, blissfully unaware that she is harbouring a dark and terrif... Read more
The Crimson Bolt is here to fight crime, the only way he knows how - with a pipe wrench. ... After Frank's wife (Liv Tyler) is lured into drug addiction by her sleazy ex-boyfriend (Kevin Bacon), Frank (Rainn Wilson) decides enough is enough. With the aid of a helpful - if somewhat sadistic - comic store clerk named Libby (Ellen Page), Frank becomes the Crimson Bolt, embarking on a wrench-wielding,... Read more
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