Night Shift

"Insane ... feels like no other film in the last decade." – /Film ... The world's first BMX post-apocalyptic, coming-of-age splatter actioner (with a dash of romance), Turbo Kid takes us to the ‘future' of 1997. Here, The Kid (Degrassi: The Next Generation star Munro Chambers) wanders the Wasteland in search of comic books and 80s paraphernalia, which he trades for fresh water. ... He meets a girl... Read more
"The first great horror film of the year." – Indiewire ... Following in the acclaim of Farsi-language hit A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night – and drawing from the DNA of The Babadook – this standout debut feature from Babak Anvari offers a novel take on time-honoured horror scares, wrapped in a subversively feminist critique of Iranian sexism. ... It is post-revolution Tehran in the late 1980s. Shi... Read more
"The sequel to the found footage horror movie VHS is an incredible, exciting leap forward." – Badass Digest ... V/H/S/2 seriously ups the ante as a whole new set of horror wunderkinds follow in the grisly footsteps of last year's VHS. When a PI searching for a missing kid enters the boy's home, he finds a room full of TVs and a stack of mysterious VHS tapes containing a series of increasingly terr... Read more
“The horror movie so terrifying it made audiences SICK.” - Daily Mail ... A collection of top genre filmmakers go head-to-head in a compendium of found footage flicks - tightly wrapped in a contextualising film - that run the gauntlet of suspense, terror, shock and downright brutality. ... A group of petty criminals is hired to retrieve a mysterious videotape from a rundown house. In the living ro... Read more
"Demented brilliance … just about the best fun you can have in a cinema." – The Telegraph ... Kamiura, a hero-worshipped Yakuza boss, is seemingly un-killable. It turns out he's a vampire, and not immune to death if it's delivered via a corkscrew-style beheading. Before he dies, however, he bites his trusted underling Kageyama, who vows vengeance on his beloved boss' killer. From here, things get ... Read more
"The best American horror picture of the year, period." – Twitch ... Aubrey and Paul are celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary, and their four grown-up children have returned home with their partners to help them do so. During the party, a group of violent assailants wearing animal masks burst into the room, clearly intending to kill everyone there. The family must find a means of escape, all... Read more
An abandoned asylum plays host to a dramatic experiment involving a young actress who must go without sleep in this frightening follow-up to single-take horror hit The Silent House (MIFF 2010). ... For aspiring actress Bianca, the offer of a starring role in an experimental new play is too good an offer to refuse. As part of their preparation, she and her fellow actors must stay awake within a dis... Read more
"A serious dash of Miike weirdness... One of the most memorable closing shots ever." - Twitch Film ... In 2004, MIFF favourite Takashi Miike (see 13 Assassins, also in this year's program) directed a deranged superhero parody about a geeky teacher who dons striped tights to crush crime as Zebraman. ... Unconscious for many years, Zebraman awakens in 2025 to find Tokyo in the grip of a totalitarian... Read more
“[REC] Genesis is possibly the sweetest, most endearing film I've seen in quite some time; throat rips, chainsaws, gut munches and vicious possessed included.” - Fangoria ... Paco Plaza (co-director, [REC], [REC] 2) directs this ‘rom-zom-com' - the third instalment in the series that goes back to where the infection of the other films began: a wedding. ... Everything appears to be running smoothly... Read more
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