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"Claire Danes and Jim Parsons star as a Brooklyn couple facing the possibility that their four-year-old might be trans in Silas Howard’s simply lovely comedy-drama A Kid Like Jake." – Hollywood Reporter ... Claire Danes (Homeland) and Jim Parsons (leaving all traces of his The Big Bang Theory character behind) are remarkable as Alex and Greg, parents facing the daunting prospect of setting an educ... Read more
"One of the most esoteric and far-fetched crimes in 21st century annals is recounted in dazzling fashion in American Animals." – Hollywood Reporter ... It’s the heady days of 2004, and best friends Spencer and Warren dream of outgrowing their middle-class existence. When they spy a couple of ultra-rare first edition books in the university library, they realise this could be their ticket to fortun... Read more
Ethan Hawke directs this daringly unconventional biopic of an unsung country music legend, featuring Alia Shawkat, Richard Linklater, Sam Rockwell, Kris Kristofferson, and newcomer Benjamin Dickey in the title role, which won him the Sundance US Dramatic Special Jury Award for Acting. ... Blaze Foley spent his early years living in a Georgia treehouse before becoming an underground legend on the T... Read more
The team behind MIFF 2014’s Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter reshape the western into an off-kilter comedy, but don’t go branding Robert Pattinson’s besotted businessman a hero – or Mia Wasikowska’s abducted bride-to-be a damsel, either. ... Pattinson (MIFF 2017’s Good Time and The Lost City of Z) and Wasikowska (Piercing, also screening this year) play Samuel Alabaster and his bride-to-be Penelope; ho... Read more
A career-best Ethan Hawke stars in cinema legend Paul Schrader’s latest provocation, a compulsively watchable feast of brooding menace and pulpy thrills that won the Green Drop Award for environmental filmmaking at the Venice Film Festival. ... In a remote part of upstate New York, Ernst Toller (Hawke), a reverend haunted by the death of his son, becomes inescapably drawn into the lives of new par... Read more
Nick Offerman, Toni Collette and Ted Danson star in this tale of a washed-up muso and record-store grump who starts a band with his pre-med student daughter. It’s the sweetest Gen-X mid-life crisis. ... Frank has raised his daughter Sam alone in Brooklyn since his wife’s death. As serious-minded Sam prepares to head to UCLA med school, Frank proposes they turn their weekly "jam sesh" into an actua... Read more
Following acclaimed dramas Weekend and 45 Years, writer/director Andrew Haigh tells a heartfelt tale about finding family where you can – as centred on a 15-year-old boy and his adopted steed. ... "It’s just a horse," jockey Bonnie tells Charley; however, to a shy kid who’s never known unconditional love, Lean on Pete is much more than that. Working the low-end racing circuit with the animal’s own... Read more
"Milk vomit and Pac-Man: Joel Potrykus’ Relaxer is a masterpiece of depraved ’90s nostalgia." – IndieWire ... One of the true originals of 21st-century American punk cinema, Michigan provocateur Joel Potrykus (Buzzard, MIFF 2014) returns with what might be his finest hour: a skuzzy Y2K flashback that captures the cultural detritus of the turn of the millennium, and is both absurdly funny and distu... Read more
Crystal Moselle follows MIFF 2015 hit The Wolfpack with her empowering narrative debut, about the cheerfully boisterous skateboarding sisterhood of the film’s title – based on and played by their Insta-ready real-life versions. ... Introverted, naïve teen Camille is both fed up with the boys’ club vibe at her local skate park and with her worried mother’s insistence that she give up her deck follo... Read more
A rich and authentic slice of realist drama about a young Baltimore man trying to go straight after serving house arrest for drug dealing. ... Stepping into his first leading role, American Honey’s McCaul Lombardi plays Keith, out on probation and attempting to sort out his life, having served a drug dealing sentence under house arrest with his dad, a retired steel worker in the neighbourhood of S... Read more
In a wildly inventive tribute to San Francisco, Guy Maddin and Evan & Galen Johnson riff on Hitchcock’s Vertigo with a kaleidoscopic collage of found media. ... Voted Sight and Sound’s greatest film of all time, Alfred Hitchcock’s enigmatic Vertigo has never been seen like this. Reimagined by experimental genius Guy Maddin (The Forbidden Room, MIFF 2015) and his co-directors Evan Johnson and Galen... Read more
Maggie Gyllenhaal gives a mighty performance as a woman determined to nurture the talents of a precocious student, but her altruism turns twisted in this Sundance award winner. ... Five-year-old Jimmy seems ordinary in all ways but one: his propensity for suddenly speaking aloud poetry created on the spot. His teacher, Lisa Spinelli (a career-best Gyllenhaal), sees Jimmy not just as a sublime prod... Read more
"A poetic tribute to America’s heartland and one of the year’s best films, Chloé Zhao’s tender portrait of an injured rodeo rider is a visually arresting movie you won’t soon forget." – Daily Beast ... South Dakota Bronco rider Brady’s promising career was cut short with a kick to the head from a horse. Now he’s grappling with his post-rodeo identity and sense of masculinity, and seeking solace fr... Read more
Presented by showcase and Foxtel. ... In a bold blend of fact and fiction, documentarian Jennifer Fox makes her feature debut with a #MeToo tale only she could’ve told: her own, starring Laura Dern as the writer/director. ... Dern (Certain Women, MIFF 2016) steps into Fox’s shoes at a difficult juncture, with the filmmaker forced to reassess one of the defining moments of her adolescence. When her... Read more
"This remarkable debut unfolds like American Psycho meets Heathers as directed by a young and extremely class-conscious Park Chan-wook." – IndieWire ... Amanda is a certified school pariah, the girl who everyone knows murdered her own horse. She’s an unlikely match for preppy overachiever Lily, but the childhood besties reconnect when the unnervingly straight-shooting Amanda confesses her sociopat... Read more
"TYREL is 2018’s answer to Get Out … an absolute workout for its outstanding cast and a devilish roller coaster ride for audiences. It’s funny, disturbing, cringeworthy, nerve-wracking and, for some, will feel a little too realistic." – Vanity Fair ... At the urging of his best mate, Tyler (Jason Mitchell) heads upstate for a lad’s weekend – even though he’s going to be the only black guy in atten... Read more
"We the Animals is this year’s Moonlight … a beautiful, evocative look at a young boy figuring out his place in the world." – IndieWire ... In a decrepit house deep in the woods of upstate New York, Jonah and his two older brothers live a seemingly idyllic existence of wildness, exploration and adventure, overseen by their doting white mother and domineering Puerto Rican father. But there is a dar... Read more
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