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Shot on location at Amberley Air Force Base the commercial depicts the ... various back up jobs needed to get a single plane off the ground. ... Read more
The latest offering from one of Australia's finest animators takes us on a breathless journey through 20th century images in art and fashion. Using an innovative combination of live action, animation, choreography and painting, Antoinette Starkiewicz's lushious imagery is a feast for the eyes. ... Read more
A surreal and absurdist black comedy set during a dinner party where the line between civilisation and pack animal behaviour disappears altogether. ... World Premiere. ... D/S Sophie Hayward P Ruth Morris WS VCA School of Film & Television TD HD Cam/2012 ... Read more
"I hope my film will complicate how we feel about censorship, what we define as censorship, and how we feel about cinema. In creating [CENSORED], I wanted to create space for understanding the problems of our spectatorship; to use this archive to make us better, more discerning viewers." – filmmaker Sari Braithwaite, The Guardian ... During the making of her short film Smut Hounds (MIFF 2015) – ab... Read more
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