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'Abbas Kiarostami has had extensive influence on world filmmaking over his 30-year career, particularly in Iran and developing countries. 10 on Ten,a self-contained masterclass on cinema, succinctly brings together his current ideas about how to shoot a film, using his feature Ten [MIFF 2003] as the chief example. ... 'Of course, not everyone wants to follow the path of Iranian realism, as Kiarost... Read more
The final work by the late Iranian master Abbas Kiarostami is a minimalist hymn to the capturing of images. ... Cinema lost one of its greatest exponents in 2016 with the passing of Abbas Kiarostami; his films – including Close-Up (MIFF 2003) and Taste of Cherry (MIFF 1998) – brilliant works of psychological investigation and self-reflexivity. 24 Frames, a project he spent the last three years of ... Read more
Celebrated Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami receives a desperate fax from a Ugandan orphan relief organisation. Assistance is urgently needed and a documentary on the subject by so esteemed a filmmaker would help enormously, Kiarostami flies to Uganda on a pre-production scout but soon finds he's making the actual film. ... "Despite years of devastation, bloody civil war and disease—an entire gen... Read more
2001 saw a number of firsts for Kiarostami— his first film shot outside his native Iran, and his first film shot entirely on digital video.Travelling to Uganda, at the request of the United Nations, to document the work being carried at in children's hospitals and orphanages, Kiarostami emerged with the profound ABC Africa. Immersing himself in a new culture and environment and with the freedom of... Read more
“Imagine a middle-aged Before Sunrise rolled up with Under the Tuscan Sun but spiked with elements of The Game.” - Screen International ... At the European launch of his latest book, academic author James Miller (operatic baritone William Shimell) meets his match in a passionate art curator (Juliette Binoche) who engages him in a battle of the sexes. Romanticism clashes with pragmatism as they set... Read more
"Werner Herzog calls this 'the greatest documentary on filmmaking I have ever seen.' Much stranger than fiction, Close-Up recounts the bizarre case of Hosem Sabzian, a frustrated film buff who pretended to be well-know director Moshen Makhmalbaf. Under the guise of preparing a new project, the imposter became intimate with the Ahkankhaha, a well-to-do but naive family. His ruse, however was soon d... Read more
Five Iran/FranceOne of the two Abbas Kiarostami films to be screened at this year's Festival'both of which premiered at Cannes this year'Five is an utterly contemplative and meditative abstract work. An homage to the Japanese cinematic master Ozu, the film is composed solely of five single shots, inviting the viewer, as Kiarostami states, 'To look at things that in themselves are not particularly ... Read more
Shot in 1987, at the height of the Iran-Iraq war, Homework is an extraordinary snapshot of an Iranian primary school and the children who know the meaning of the word 'punishment' but few have heard of 'encouragement'. ... Kiarostami 'plays director', interviewing the children, whose school yard antics and responses to the questions posed to them, highlight, with heartbreaking clarity, the reality... Read more
Awarded the Rossellini Prize at the 1992 Cannes Film Festival, this latest achieve­ment by one of Iran's foremost filmmakers takes us to the aftermath of the devastating 1990 earthquakes in Northern Iraq, which killed some 50,000 people. It is to this region (the set­ting of Kiarostami's film, Where Is the Friend's Home?) that the director returns, in order to dis­cover the fate of the two young a... Read more
“Like Someone in Love offers its most complete pleasures as a quietly pristine showcase for Kiarostami's undiminished craft.” - Variety ... A young escort named Akiko (Rin Takanashi), disenchanted with her work, is called out to a new client: the shy and elderly Takashi (Tadashi Okuno), a committed academic constantly distracted by work-related phone calls. When the two encounter Akiko's macho boy... Read more
Yet another thoughtful piece from the Iranian master, the film combines ... poetry, photography, classical music, and cinema with the leitmotif of the road. A short experimental work that Abbas Kiarostami made almost en passant. ... Read more
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Filmed with the piercing intensity of a parable, Iranian helmer Abbas Kiarostami's Taste of Cherry follows a desperate man on the verge of suicide who seeks someone willing to bury him discreetly. One of the director's darkest and most personal movies, the story has a bleak premise which is turned around by another character's persuasive argument that the sensations of nature can console people. .... Read more
Winner of the Palme d'Or at Cannes in 1997, Taste of Cherry follows the plight of a desolate man, searching for someone to bury him, as he contemplates suicide. Although dark in tone, the film is undoubtedly the product of Kiarostami's profound humanist sensibilities. Eschewing sentimentality, Kiarostami has created a multi-layered work. ... Read more
"Kiarostami [is] one of the great filmmakers of our time … this masterpiece radiates with wonder and euphoria." – Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader ... Cinema lost one of its most important and respected filmmakers in July with the death of Abbas Kiarostami. MIFF pays tribute to the great Iranian master – who visited the festival in 2003 – with a screening of Taste of Cherry.... Read more
"A very remarkable film, one of the very best of the year—remarkable for its strenuous technical simplicity, for its superbly intelligent acting and for the extraordinary, almost unmediated access it appears to give to the lives and thoughts of real, modern women in Iran."—Peter Bradshaw. The Guardian ... "For Ten, Kiarostami mounted a digital camera on the dashboard of a car. In 10 separate seque... Read more
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The cinema of Abbas Kiarostami has a warm, humanist heart. His latest work serves to further his enviable reputation as one of world cinema's masters. ... The Wind Will Carry Us revolves around the lives of four strangers who arrive from Tehran for a short stay at a remote picturesque village in Iranian Kurdistan. Ostensibly, the strangers are looking for treasure, however, their true intentions a... Read more
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