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Brendan Behan's life can be divided into 3 parts his youthful years in an English jail for his activities on hehalf of the I.R.A., his writing, drawn largely from his experiences as a prisoner, and his prodigious boozing, which resulted in his death in 1963 at the age of 41 ... Allan Miller's affecting documentary tells Behan's story through the people who knew him best - his wife, brothers, I.R.A... Read more
This film takes the viewer into the musicians world. In early planning and casual rehearsals, we share in conductor Zubin Mehta's perspective on the musical values he will build into the performance of Ravel's "Bolero". The film involves the viewer in each musician's approach to his part in the complex score, as they near the flawless final performance. When this is under way, in perfect, dynamic ... Read more
"A terrifically engaging portrait of an elephantine cross cultural endeavour, veteran music-documentary specialist Allan Miller's The Turandot Project trains a wry yet respectful eye on the production of Puccini's opera that travelled from Florence to Beijing's Forbidden City—ruffling multinational feathers as well as fostering good will every step of the way. A real-life inspirational comedy that... Read more
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