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Denis Côté’s exploration of the daily lives of six men consumed by their passions: performance, discipline and overcoming the body's constraints. ... Jean-François, Ronald, Alexis, Cédric, Benoit and Maxim are modern-day gladiators. The group includes high-level bodybuilders, a strongman and an ex-champion turned trainer. As they prepare for future competitions, they follow extreme diets and slave... Read more
“I wanted to make a very simple and a very naïve film on the interactions between human beings and animals.” - filmmaker Denis Côté ... At the same time a compelling meditation and a bizarrely humorous piece of visual composition, Côté's (Curling, MIFF 10) latest film, named for the moralising medieval animal books, combines images of animals from a drawing class, a taxidermist's workshop and a Qu... Read more
The life of a self-absorbed Quebecois man begins to unravel after a visit from a mysterious stranger. ... Screened in competition at Berlin, the visually crisp, pointed tragicomedy of Boris Without Béatrice finds uncompromising Canadian stylist Denis Côté (Joy of Man's Desiring, MIFF 2014; Vic+Flo Saw a Bear, MIFF 2013) training his eye on the entitled bourgeoisie. ... Successful in life to the po... Read more
"Denis Côté has long since staked out his territory as Canada's most adventurous auteur." - Eye Weekly ... Winning the Best Director prize at Locarno, Curling is an offbeat and eccentric comedy with distinctly morbid leanings. ... Friendless Jean-François scrapes by doing odd jobs at a bowling alley. With his wife is in prison for an unnamed but horrific crime, he is obsessively protective of July... Read more
"A poetic and hybrid study of industrial life, factories and the meaning of labour … entirely mesmerising." – Screen ... Clanking and shuddering, various machines fulfil their purposes, waited upon by human assistants. For a while, the workers silently complete their duties; later, they speak about what they do. What is their relationship to the apparatuses they attend to? Are they masters, slaves... Read more
"A rich, humane, surprising film ... manages to mix the drollery of Wes Anderson, the genre swagger of Tarantino and the opaque narrative of a Bruno Dumont in one intriguing package." - Screen Daily ... Deep in the snow-covered backwoods of Quebec, 61-year-old Vic is trying to escape her criminal past. Fresh out of prison and searching for solitude, her refuge is shattered when fellow ex-con and y... Read more
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