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A first-hand account of the Great Sichuan Earthquake that shows the human face of a massive tragedy. ... The statistics are mind-boggling: 70,000 dead, 375,000 casualties. In 1428 filmmaker Du Haibin captures the human face of the catastrophic Great Sichuan Earthquake, a monumental seismic event that measured a massive 8.0 on the Richter scale. ... Surveying the chaos 10 days after the earthquake ... Read more
"A gripping chronicle of the breakdown of the so-called Chinese Dream." – Hollywood Reporter ... Celebrated documentarian Du Haibin (1428, MIFF 2009) follows a Chinese teenager's journey from flag-waving, fatigue-wearing Maoist into young adulthood, and his fight to reconcile modern China with his fervent love of the communist ideal. ... Zhao Chantong is typical of the post-Tiananmen Square genera... Read more
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