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MIFF Patron Geoffrey Rush presents a film that had a formative experience on him, Fred Schepisi's The Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith. A Q&A session featuring Geoffrey Rush and Fred Schepisi will follow the screening.Print courtesy of the National Film and Sound Archive 's Kodak/Atlab Project.---D/P/S Fred Schepisi PS NFSA TD 35mm/1978/120mins ... Read more
An advertising film extolling the virtues of teabags. ... Read more
An impressionistic account of the production of a newspaper. ... Golden Reel Award, Public Relations Category, Australian Film Awards. ... Read more
Selected for The Director's Fortnight at the 1976 Cannes Film Festival, The Devil's Playground, set in a college-seminary, reveals the effects of rigid institutional control on people of a variety of ages, pubescent boys and their tutors, the Brothers of the Order. ... The story develops mainly around 13-year-old Tom Allen who is desperately trying to realise what he believes to be his vocation, a... Read more
"The people in Fred Schepisi's The Devil's Playground are like sculpted figures that glow with their own light." - New Yorker ... The Devil's Playground revolves around Tom Allen, a 13-year-old boy growing up in the rigorous confines of a 1950s Catholic seminary and torn between the demands of the priesthood and his own burgeoning sexuality. ... A winner of multiple AFI awards, including Best Scre... Read more
Fred Schepisi returns with an engaging take on the acclaimed 1973 novel by Australian Nobel laureate Patrick White. ... As the wealthy and powerful Mrs Hunter (Charlotte Rampling) approaches death, her unscrupulous children, Basil (Geoffrey Rush) and Dorothy (Judy Davis) return to the family estate. Long alienated from a mother they barely knew, and themselves having fallen upon hard times, they s... Read more
The manufacture of the body, and the assembly of the complete Volkswagen, is shown in this film which is distinguished by complex camera work and striking colour effects. ... Silver Award, Public Relations Category, Australian Film Awards, 1965. ... Read more
An advertising film, presenting a long-established product in new-style marketing terms. ... Silver Award, Australian Film Awards 1970 ... Read more
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