Films By Haydn Keenan

"A remarkable landmark in Australian independent filmmaking. Unfortunately, it is a landmark that few people noticed.” - Marcus Breen, Australian Film 1978 - 1992One of the first films to show the world the true gritty underside of Australian life, Going Down has become a cult classic for its realistic depiction of Sydney in the 1980s, a portrayal decidedly at odds with the sun, surf, sand and bar... Read more
There is one kind of history they teach you in school and another which tells how things really happened. ASIO's files reveal how things really happened in Australia. ... Since 1949, ASIO has opened files on over 500,000 citizens. Today, these records are a unique dossier of dissent and a treasure trove of surveillance movie film and photographs. ... In Persons of Interest, director Haydn Keenan c... Read more
These are the stories of ordinary people swept into ASIO's secret war on subversion and dissent. ... In this second session of Persons of Interest, Frank Hardy's son Alan looks through his father's ASIO file for the first time and sees a history of the left and his father's struggle with misplaced faith in Frank Hardy: But the Dead Are Many. Meanwhile, Gary Foley: Native Title is Not Justice sees ... Read more
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