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Age is never an issue. Until it becomes the only issue. ... Now in his 50s, David (Paul Doucet) works as a janitor in a retirement home, his job a daily reminder of an existence that he's slowly tumbling towards and the yet unburied ghosts of his own past. David's younger wife, Maya (Suzanne Clément, from Mommy, MIFF 14), is wrapped in a world of technology that he cannot understand, and when he d... Read more
Winner of the Camera d'Or at this year's Cannes film festival. ... Holed up in her rundown Mexican apartment, freelance journalist Laura Lopez lives a life of quiet desperation. In between watching TV and eating her meals from cans, she passes the time masturbating while spying on the neighbours, and entertaining a string of strangers in her bed. Her empty days and carnal nights seem destined to r... Read more
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