Films By Pang Ho-cheung

Spiralling property prices push a woman over the edge, in this blood-spattered black comedy. ... An aspiring yuppie wants to forget her impoverished childhood and secure the home of her dreams. After suffering one hurdle too many, this seemingly placid young lady hits her breaking point. Spectacularly. ... In the first foray into slasher territory from filmmaker Pang Ho-cheung, Dream Home is an un... Read more
“A eulogy to lung pollution, Love in a Puff makes sharing a pack of cigarettes look sexier than sharing a bed.” - Hollywood Reporter ... In post-cigarette ban Hong Kong, smokers gather around rubbish bins, in alleyways and outside shops to share gossip and dirty jokes. It's over one of these informal smokers' huddles that Cherie meets Jimmy - a chance meeting that begins a slow-burning romance.... Read more
“Lewd, crude and flat-out hilarious.” - Twitch ... Coming from the island that brought us the blockbuster hit 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy, this parody of the Hong Kong film industry lives up to the expectations of such distinguished cinematic company. Holding court in a theatre full of film students, veteran producer To Wai-cheung (Chapman To, A World Without Thieves, MIFF 05) recounts the dep... Read more
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