Films By Peter Tammer

Descending faces, descending feet, descending bodies. A cascade of nude flesh on a staircase: separate identities ... merging, unravelling and descending continuously. Hey ... Marcel? ... Read more
Peter Tammer is a Melbourne ... filmmaker who has been making films, mostly from within his own resources, for nearly two decades His last completed film, Mallacoota Stampede, won the Erwin Rado prize for Best Australian Short Film at last year's Melbourne Film Festival His new film is not only his best work, but represents a significant development in Australian documentary filmmaking ... Its sub... Read more
An observation of life at an Australian seaside resort over the Christmas holiday period. The conflict between some young local boys and their short-term visitors. ... Read more
A performer prepares... ... Read more
A poem of the night The predatory male perhaps a reincarnation of Orpheus is in pursuit of the female archetype of his imagination She is his queen of the night He seeks her relentlessly throughout the night in all locations m the varied forms of her manifestation. ... Read more
... ... Melbourne documentarist Peter Tammer's film about legendary local actor, film-buff, broadcaster and teacher John Flaus screens here at the Festival as a work-in-progress. ... Tammer uses clips from numerous Aus­tralian films in which John has appeared, as well as verite-style sequences of Flaus, his friends and family (somewhat tantalizing for want of details as to their identities) to ill... Read more
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