Films By Rocco Helmchen

Does maths have a colour? Does it have a sound? Media-artist Rocco Helmchen and composer Johannes Kraas try to answer these questions in their latest fulldome edutainment show. ... Taking audiences on a journey into a fascinating world of sensuous, ever-evolving images and symphonic-electronic music, the film is structured into four movements – geometric forms, algorithms, simulations and chaos th... Read more
This short experimental fulldome piece explores the idea of ‘liquid light'. It uses a 3D fluid simulation to immerse the viewer in a flow of luminous color inside a virtual transparent dome. ... Read more
Timelapse cinematography in the fulldome medium offers a unique view on reality. It creates a detached perspective on our familiar world, but at the same time draws the viewer back into the image by the immersive power of the dome. is utilizing this concept to create an unusual 'nightshift portrait' of Europe's largest conurbation: the Ruhr metropolis in North-Western Germany. ... The ... Read more
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