Films By Saul Bass

A whimsical three-minute animated history of the telephone, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the invention of the telephone. ... Read more
The film deals, in kaleidoscopic form, with the exciting human experience of flight. ... Read more
Using live action, animation and special effects, the film demonstrates how the popular arts in America serve as vehicles for 'self-projection, experience-expansion, and fantasy fulfilment'. ... Read more
"A strange, stoned, bordering on surreal science fiction story about hyper-intelligent ants in the Arizona desert … It's a creepily effective thriller, a heady philosophical trip." – Badass Digest ... Made in 1974, Phase IV is the only film directed by Saul Bass, the mastermind behind the opening titles of Psycho, North by Northwest and Vertigo. It is a beloved cult classic, despite its ending bei... Read more
Saul Bass is a film maker and designer who extended the art of the film to its listing of credits with his work on Carmen Jones. This innovation was followed soon after, by his distinctive 'arm' symbol for the film The Man With the Golden Arm. ... The problem of long credits for already long films was handled by Saul Bass in characteristically innovative fashion. He animated them into an epilogue ... Read more
The film accompanies a small boy as he walks along the beach and finds ordinary objects which reveal unsuspected worlds of intense visual experience. ... Read more
Eight separate explorations, episodes, comments on creativity, each segment employing its own style and technique to make its appropriate statement—this is the latest work of Saul Bass, sponsored by the Kaiser Aluminium and Chemical Corporation. ... Bass, animator and special effects man, was the originator of spec­tacular credit sequences, in which the lay audience were entertained while the trad... Read more
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