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Get set for one hell of a night!---D Sean Byrne S Rob Beamish P Donna McCrum & Andy Canny WS Plus Films TD 35mm/col/2007/10mins ... ... ... Read more
Set to a scorching soundtrack, The Loved Ones is a vivid, sexy, fun, relentlessly attacking rollercoaster that takes the conventions of the genre and then runs them off the rails. ... As the school formal approaches and decisions are made about what to wear and who to go with, Lola Stone, the quietest girl in school, asks her secret love Brent to go with her. But Brent is already going with his gi... Read more
"The Devil's Candy is a masterful slow burn … [and] a beautifully calibrated horror movie in which the themes are as potent as the suspense." – Screen Daily ... Audiences worldwide have waited with bated breath to see how debut Australian filmmaker Sean Byrne would follow up his delightfully demented teen dating horror, The Loved Ones (MIFF Premiere Fund, 2009). Six years on, and he delivers the U... Read more
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