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In the midst of war-ravaged Palestine, the everyday experiences of a hopeful newlywed couple takes on particular resonance. In July 2000, while Arafat is in America talking peace, Bassam - a telephone repairman in Cleveland - returns to his home in Palestine in search of a bride. Soon after his wedding to Mariam, he returns to America while Mariam waits patiently for her visa, huddled under blanke... Read more
The Last Days of Yasser Arafat tells the final chapter in the story of one of the most controversial public figures of our time. In September 2003, Palestinian-Australian filmmaker Sherine Salama travelled to the besieged compound of Yasser Arafat. She had a hunch his days were numbered. After a long, frustrating and often-comical struggle, she finally succeeded in interviewing Arafat in October 2... Read more
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