Films By Steve Jodrell

A vacation music camp, an old country estate, a mysterious caretaker who can fix his eye on the students and make them play like virtuosos and the unexplained death of a musician who loved Beethoven all come together to make an adventure in the true Enid Blyton tradition. ... Young Flea, the practical joker, becomes obsessed with tracking down the ghost of the dead musician; the more serious Jason... Read more
One woman – played by an award-winning Deborra-lee Furness – turns the tables on a country town's system of entrenched male violence in this rip-roaring Australian action flick. ... Asta, a hard-edged, motorbike-riding barrister, arrives in an outback town terrorised by predatory young men who attack any woman they can get their hands on. Discovering that a teenage girl has been brutally assaulted... Read more
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