MIFF Schools

MIFF Schools returns in 2023 – in cinemas and online – as part of the festival’s 71st edition. The program has been curated with a view to presenting high-quality, diverse films in some of the languages commonly taught in Victorian schools (French, Mandarin, Spanish and Japanese), and to align with several Victorian Curriculum learning areas and capabilities.

In-cinema tickets cost $13 per student (and free for teachers), while each stream can be booked for $35. Cinema screenings will be held during the festival period (3–20 August), and streaming via MIFF Play will be available on 18–27 August. Find out more about each film and bookings via the links below.

Find out more about MIFF Schools here


Deep Sea

China (2023, dir. Tian Xiaopeng) – 90 mins
Language: Mandarin

Heed the call of the waves and dive headfirst into this innovative and visually resplendent Chinese animation.

Little Nicholas: Happy as Can Be

France (2022, dirs. Amandine Fredon & Benjamin Massoubre) – 82 mins
Language: French

In this Annecy Best Feature–winning adaptation of France’s famed 'Le petit Nicolas' comic book series, a mischievous character meets the men who brought him to life.

Neneh Superstar

France (2022, dir. Ramzi Ben Sliman) – 98 mins
Language: French

Put on your ballet shoes for this triumphant, feel-good tale of a 12-year-old Parisian dancer who overcomes the odds of institutional prejudice.


Argentina, Italy (2022, dir. Florencia Wehbe) – 89 mins
Language: Spanish

In this sensitively told drama, a teenager’s battle with body image is a microcosm for the crushing weight of beauty standards on all young women.

The Tunnel to Summer, the Exit of Goodbyes

Japan (2022, dir. Taguchi Tomohisa) – 83 mins
Language: Japanese

When the laws of time and space are turned topsy-turvy, what would you give up for one last moment with a lost love?