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Ask a Programmer

By Melanie | 01.04.2019 |
Ask a Programmer

Curious about the submission process? Want to know what the MIFF programming team is looking for? We've gone straight to the source and collated the most commonly asked queries directed to our programming team about the MIFF submission process.

Does it make a difference to my submission if I submit during the late submissions period?

No. All submissions are processed and viewed in the same manner.

Is there an age restriction for filmmakers who submit to your festival?

We have no age restriction for filmmakers. We want to see a range of perspectives from people of all ages.

What are MIFF programmers looking for? Do MIFF programmers have any preferences for what they want to see?

We look for great stories, unique artistic visions and different points of view - things we’ve never seen before! Our ultimate goal is to present a rich and inclusive program from a range of filmmakers.

Are you looking for specific genres? What’s the favorite thing you’d like to see through submissions?

There are no limitations on genres. We present a range of strands across features, shorts, and VR. We often see a lot of serious fiction films, which we love and which also resonate with our audiences, but don’t be afraid to submit something different. We always welcome a good belly laugh, if you have made a comedy, we’d love to see it!

Can I submit to MIFF if I’ve already submitted to other festivals and am still waiting to hear back?

You are very welcome to submit to as many festivals as you like. Our only requirement is that your film be a Victorian premiere, so if your film was selected by another Victorian film festival that takes place before 19 August 2019, you would need to withdraw your submission from our consideration.

Even though MIFF is Melbourne-based, do you consider films made outside of Melbourne or Australia?

Absolutely, we are an International Film Festival after all! Our audiences relish the chance to see films from all over the world and our foreign-language films are always very popular.

Can I submit my film if it is in a language other than English?

Of course! We actually require films to be submitted in their original language, with English subtitles if the original language is not English. A number of Programming Team are multilingual and would love to see your film.

What benefits does MIFF offer to filmmakers if their film is selected?

MIFF is the largest and longest-running film festival in Australia. In addition to the prestige that comes with showing your film at MIFF, we have a large, dedicated audience who will see your film. There are a number of prizes to be won, including the Grand Prix for Best Short Film, Best Australian Short Film and Best Documentary Short Film, all of which are Academy-Accredited Awards. If your film is selected, you will also be invited to attend a suite of events during the festival where you may have the opportunity to meet fellow filmmakers and people in the industry.

Should I include a cover letter for my submission?

A cover letter is not required, but any information about your intention, experience or background, and the experience of cast and crew making the film, that will contribute to our understanding of a film will support your application. Keep it short and to the point.

Any insider tips for submitting a film?

We accept Works In Progress only during the Late Submissions stage. The film must be at picture lock stage. Do keep in mind that we will not view additional versions of the film as it is completed, so our top tip is that if a film will be completed by our submissions close date, it is better to submit it then!

See our submissions FAQs and Submission regulations. If you still have questions, you can always email us directly at submissions@miff.com.au.

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