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“We only make pictures because we need to and we have to.” - Mike Kuchar

Compulsively reinterpreting 20th Century Fox spectacles of the 1950s in their Bronx apartment with an auntie's Super 8 camera, George and Mike Kuchar's earliest productions starred their mother and neighbourhood friends. Intentionally kitsch, although poetically conveying complex and intimate motifs, their work became associated with Kenneth Anger, Andy Warhol and 1960s NYC underground culture.

Numerous contemporary filmmakers such as Atom Egoyan, John Waters and Guy Madden (all interviewed in the documentary) were influenced by the Kuchar no-budget aesthetic and idea of creating something from nothing.

With George Kuchar now teaching at the San Francisco Art Institute, It Came From Kuchar also follows his latest class production, a garish ‘monster picture'.

--- D/S Jennifer M. Kroot P Holly Million WS George Rush TD digibeta/2009