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"Brilliantly brutal and intriguingly insightful... superbly records a subculture where violence and honour come knuckle-to-knuckle." - Screen International

James Quinn McDonagh is a champion - of sorts. Stuck in the middle of a generation- spanning blood feud between Irish Traveller clans, James is the defender of his family name in a rivalry where scores are settled and reignited through an endless cycle of bare-knuckle boxing matches.

The vendetta - spawned from a bar brawl that ended in manslaughter - sees the Quinn McDonagh's and the Joyce's constantly seeking to one-up each other, taunting each other with trash-talking videotapes and challenges to combat.

Shot over 12 years, KNUCKLE takes in a previously unseen tribal world filled with larger-than-life characters, moments of brutalising machismo and a darkly Irish sense of humour.

D Ian Palmer P Ian Palmer, Teddy Leifer Dist Hopscotch TD digibeta/2011