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"Eventually there has to be one person who is the first ever to leave the planet Earth with no intention of ever returning. I realised there was no reason I shouldn't be that person." - Christopher Carson

Simon Ennis had plans to make a documentary about the moon. Then he heard about Dennis Hope. Hope ‘owns' the moon, is president of the galactic government and head of the Lunar Embassy, and has made millions selling lunar plots.

Despite Hope's claims of ownership, Christopher Carson has dreams of being the first permanent lunar resident. Peter Kokh, meanwhile, has been providing practical advice on moon life for over two decades via the Moon Miners Manifesto, while former astronaut Alan Bean uses moon dust from his space suit in his paintings.

Executive produced by Jonah Bekhor (The Final Member, MIFF 2012) and shot on Super-8 cross-processed onto HD to replicate the nostalgic, otherworldly aesthetic of the space-race era, Lunarcy! is a charming and empathetic portrait of these dreamers, and more, for whom the moon looms larger than life. With great affection and gentle humour, Ennis' original documentary about the moon became one about people: their hopes, beliefs, aspirations and dreams.

"Ennis presents a touching and comical portrait of passion and imagination … that grabs your attention and won't let go." - Exclaim

D Simon Ennis P Jonas Bell Pasht WS Global Screen TD HD Cam/2012