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"This remarkable film puts us in their shoes – literally between the world's most ferocious rock and the icy hard place of imminent death." – Hollywood Reporter

In the tradition of Kevin MacDonald's Touching the Void, The Summit thrusts audiences headfirst into a thrilling tale of courage and audacity, of survival and tragedy, via stunning archival footage and nail-biting re-enactments.

This film pieces together the deaths of 11 climbers as they descended from K2, the most dangerous mountain in the world, in 2008. Footage from the expedition, re-enactments and interviews fill in the gaps left out of the often-critical news coverage that followed the event. The result is a stimulating documentary that captures the wonder and the dread, both sublime, that a mountain can inspire.

"An expert piece of filmmaking and journalism." – Slant

D/P Nick Ryan S Mark Monroe Dist Madman Entertainment L English, Italian, Basque, Nepalese w/English subtitles TD DCP/2013