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Even ultraviolent, poop- and blood-smeared, punk rock scumlords need a family.

The most outrageous musician to ever live – GG Allin – had a mother, a brother, a legacy. While that legacy might disgust many (pummelling, fondling and defecating through a career of on-stage destruction), award-winning Danish documentarian Sami Saif discovers a more nuanced subject through his mother Arleta, co-conspirator and brother Merle, and the lunatics who loved him.

Allin died of a heroin overdose in 1993 and since then his legend has only grown. Arleta and Merle have their own ways of dealing with it: she removing his gravestone due to constant fan defacement and he balancing his own mourning with an entrepreneurial urge to cash in on their fame.

The trouble might’ve begun when GG was literally christened ‘Jesus Christ Allin’ and his family, friends and fans talk us through his self-martyrdom. From the abuse Allin’s father inflicted on the family, but also their most tender moments, to how GG channelled his rage into his life’s performance: it all reveals the man behind the maniac behind the music.

'Wipes the shit off the retro canvas and paints a poignant portrait of GG’s family life.' – Diabolique Magazine

Contains material that may offend

Director Sami Saif and Cinematographer Anders Löfstedt will be at both the sessions to introduce the film and take part in a post-screening Q&A.