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'A staggering work of existential science fiction.' – Fandor

When scientist Okuyama is disfigured in an industrial accident, he finds himself estranged from his family and friends. At the behest of his psychiatrist, he agrees to a radical new surgery: a face transplant. Okuyama’s new face brings with it new opportunities, and he discovers he can pass himself off as new person to everyone, even his wife. But as he becomes drawn to darker temptations, he begins to question if it’s he or the mask that is really in control.

Oscar-nominated director Hiroshi Teshigahara (1964’s Woman in the Dunes) creates a work of surreal existentialism, questioning the nature of identity and self. Adapted by Kôbô Abe (The Thick-Walled Room) from his own novel, The Face of Another features an unforgettable performance from legendary actor Tatsuya Nakadai (Yojimbo, High and Low, the Human Condition trilogy) as the tortured Okuyama.

'Undeniably a classic of 1960s cinema.' – Midnight Eye

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