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After mainstream media ‘fake news’ scandals and cost-cutting, now citizen journalists are breaking the world’s most compelling stories.

Pinpointing the terrible cause of the MH17 catastrophe, unmasking Unite The Right white supremacist attackers, exposing the secret agents who poisoned the Skripals — it wasn’t Al Jazeera or The New York Times, it was Bellingcat.

Led by “terribly nerdy” stay-at-home dad Eliot Higgins, these armchair sleuths and spare-room data-crunchers might just be the future of investigative journalism. Otherwise ordinary people, they triangulate social media data, satellite photos and hidden documents, share their discoveries online, and storm the corridors of power.

Dutch director and cinematographer Hans Pool’s eye for mood and menace, on the major players and the experts who watch the watchers, makes Bellingcat: Truth in a Post-Truth World play out like a spy thriller.

“Gripping… fascinating… truly inspiring.” – Screen Anarchy