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Part two of Argentine director Mariano Llinás’s audacious 14-hour adventure in cinematic storytelling again gives us a beginning without endings in a continuing showcase of the spectacular work of his four leads. 

With the six parts of La flor shot over 10 years and screened in order of shooting, Mariano Llinás’s playful and witty excursion through genre and form allows viewers to trace both the director’s and the actors’ growth, and the evolution of their always impeccable craft.

Part three, which features in this session, stars the same four actors as in parts one and two – Laura Paredes, Elisa Carricajo, Valeria Correa and Pilar Gamboa – and segues from the cliffhanger ‘ending’ of the unfinished part two into a pulpy, five-hour espionage thriller with a nesting-doll narrative tracing the backstories of the four secret agents currently holed up with a hostage, awaiting a shoot-out with rival spies.

“Time, our experience of it, and the ultimate realization that everything in life is fleeting: these are the musings that anchor La flor, and make it its own thing—at once so eccentrically singular, and so deeply human.” – The Film Stage

La Flor will screen at MIFF across three sessions with built-in intermissions, in a unique and unmissable, festival-only experience. It can only be booked as a package of all three sessions.