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“Wise and deliciously witty.” - The London Film Festival

Filmmaker Ryosuke Hashiguchi emerges from a seven-year hiatus to present an intimate rendering of married life with All Around Us.

Shoko and Kanao (played in an exceptional acting debut from author Lily Franky) do their best to hold together as their relationship evolves, and they face the many challenges life throws their way. Easy-going Kanao seems to breeze through life's challenges - but does he have the strength to support Shoko when she most needs it?

Imbued with an inherent sense of optimism and playful humour, Hashiguchi's tender exploration of the minutiae of a relationship makes for a revelatory cinema experience.

“Captures a visual beauty, from the natural to artistic, that illuminates moods while dazzling the eye… The best thing that Hashiguchi has done.” - Japan Times

--- D/S Hashiguchi Ryosuke P Yamagami Tetsujiro WS Celluloid Dreams L Japanese w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2008