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“Imagine The Wire condensed into a two-hour documentary.” - Real Screen

Already being hailed a masterpiece, and winner of the Grand Jury Prize for Documentary at this year's Sundance Film Festival, Eugene Jarecki's (Why We Fight) The House I Live In is the definitive critique of 40 years of America's War on Drugs - a war that has cost one trillion dollars, turned the country into the world's biggest jailer and, in its targeting of minorities, had profound human rights implications.

A brilliant assemblage, adept at truly showing how policies of punishment have shaped individual lives as well as the direction of a whole country, The House I Live In was shot over three years in 20 states and features interviews from all levels of the war: from the dealer to the federal judge, including contributions from David Simon (creator, The Wire) and historian Richard Lawrence Miller.

“A ballsy mix of interviews and editorialising that is daring enough to question a costly crackdown that has long had the public's support.” - Variety

D/S Eugene Jarecki P Eugene Jarecki, Melinda Shopsin, Sam Cullman, Christopher St. John WS Charlotte Street Films TD HD Cam/2012