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“Nearly two decades after the war, we live in an endless ‘today' and are afraid to look into a ‘tomorrow'.” - Director Aida Begi?

Ghosts of the past loom large in Sarajevo, where the transition from wartime to reconstruction remains incomplete, and corruption and violence thrive. Against this backdrop, 23-year-old Rahima works long hours in a restaurant to support herself and her 14-year-old brother, both orphans of the war. After a crime-prone adolescence, Rahima has found strength and solace in the Muslim faith, and only hopes her brother will do the same. Instead, she discovers his dangerously close link to criminal activities.

Juxtaposing ‘nostalgic' footage from the war with bleak modern-day Sarajevo to explore a complex post-war reality, Children of Sarajevo earned the 2012 Un Certain Regard Special Jury Award, adding to director Aida Begi?'s Cannes haul after Snow (MIFF 09) took top prize at the 2008 Critics' Week.

D/P/S Aida Begi? WS Pyramide International L Bosnian w/English subtitles TD DCP/2012