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"A radioactive atmosphere of pure, nauseous evil." - Guardian

Fans of filmmaker Pablo Larraín's Tony Manero (MIFF 2009) will appreciate his even more unnerving follow-up, set against the backdrop of Chile's murderous 1973 military coup.

In an oppressive national atmosphere where people appear indifferent to atrocities, Alfredo Castro plays the blank-faced mortician Mario, whose obsession with the washed-up showgirl next door eclipses Pinochet's uprising.

Given added historical authenticity through the use of 16mm film, Post Mortem vividly depicts Chile's descent into martial law, as it builds toward a climactic scene of shocking intensity.

"Larrain uses space in an extraordinary way, forcing the viewer to think about what's beyond the screen almost constantly." - Variety

D Pablo Larraín P Juan de Dios Larraín S Pablo Larraín, Mateo Iribarren WS Funny Balloons L Spanish w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2010