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A delightfully offbeat coming-of-age tale, flecked with shades of Rushmore, Submarine is a charming debut from UK comedy stalwart Richard Ayoade (The Mighty Boosh, The IT Crowd).

Fifteen-year-old Oliver is a tortured literary genius - or so he believes. With his father (Noah Taylor) depressed, and his mother (Sally Hawkins) reigniting an affair with a past lover (Paddy Considine), Oliver takes it upon himself to reunite his fractured family - and to impress his true love, an eczema-suffering pyromaniac, along the way.

Featuring original songs from Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys), Submarine is an impressive, assured debut from a major comic talent.

"Joe Dunthorne's delightfully idiosyncratic novel Submarine... is the kind of book that almost never is made into a film of matching quality. Richard Ayoade's movie is a sublime exception." - Hollywood Reporter

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D/S Richard Ayoade P Mark Herbert, Andy Stebbing, Mary Burke Dist Madman Entertainment TD 35mm/2010