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The preciousness of youth and all of its disasters.

Jess, 18, and Moss, 12, spend a lazy summer together on a derelict farm in rural Kentucky. With their families strangely absent, the pair occupy their time exploring, playing, bickering, sharing secrets and trying to understand how they've come to be alone.

Lovingly shot on thirty varieties of film stock and drenched in adolescent anomie, Jess + Moss is writer-director Clay Jeter's lyrical, impressionistic study of the idleness and atrophy of youth. Nostalgic and dreamlike, but with an almost menacing otherworldly edge, this is a surprising and hypnotic debut from an emergent auteur.

"[A] sustained dream, as if the theatrical conceits of Jean Genet were married to a children's story retold via William Faulker's Southern brand of stream of consciousness." - Variety

D Clay Jeter P Clay Jeter, Brian Harstine, Will Basanta, Isaac Hagy S Clay Jeter, Debra Jeter, Will Basanta, Isaac Hagy WS Visit Films TD HD Cam/2011