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In the mega-city of Kolkata, India, where police corruption is rife and 70% of murders go unsolved, a new breed of crime fighter has emerged.

When justice is required, the only authority wronged Kolkata citizens can rely upon are men like Rajesh Ji. A freelance private detective, Ji stands ready to pursue anyone from adulterers and petty thieves to murderers and corporate criminals.

A documentary that mixes the seriousness of criminal investigation with events of utter absurdity - Rajesh's preparation for a TV dance contest is particularly memorable - The Bengali Detective is an off-kilter insight into an India wrestling with a modernity fast careering out of control.

"This portrait of a working cop with dreams is an absolute delight, and a vivid look at crime-fighting in a big city." - Screen International

D Phil Cox P Giovanna Stopponi, Himesh Kar, Annie Sundberg WS eOne Entertainment L English, Hindi, Bengali w/English subtitles TD HD Cam/2011