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A can't-look-away catalogue of outrageous hobbies that are only indulged when literally underground.

No one truly knows what goes on behind closed doors, let alone in dank basements in Austria. Chronicler of the grotesque, Ulrich Seidl (Paradise trilogy MIFF 2013) returns to non-fiction with a peek into often unfathomable interests.

Presenting the peculiar as banal, Seidl delves right down into the proclivities of his countrymen and women. The basement is a place where you can play tuba surrounded by Nazi memorabilia, tenderly care for a lifelike baby doll, sing opera in a shooting range, display monstrous African taxidermy, attend to your wife's dominatrix demands or be dominated yourself.

Deadpan, sexually explicit and absurd, this doco might leave you questioning its veracity. Because, if these characters are real, the world is weirder than you ever imagined.

"A film of wry fascination, a compellingly weird journey into a domestic space where repressed desires are acted out and where social and political taboos are given free rein." – Screen International

Contains explicit non-simulated sex and content that may offend.