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Not every art lover could get so close to the legends of modern art. But no other art lover was Peggy Guggenheim.

Merely from her parentage, Peggy Guggenheim was destined to have a remarkable life. What she did with her time and her boundless wealth – pairing (often intimately) with groundbreaking artists, spanning continents, and building a peerless art museum – cemented her legend.

Director Lisa Immordino Vreeland follows her debut documentary regarding Harper's Bazaar fashion editor Diana Vreeland with another profile of a powerful, creative grande dame. Through interviews, rare audio and rich archival images, we witness Guggenheim's travels, her priceless collection and her personal relationships with Duchamp, Ernst, Picasso, Beckett, Rothko, Pollock and more.

Investigating Guggenheim's lovers, her eye for revolutionary art, her fearless attitude and bohemian lifestyle conjures a deliciously decadent chapter of cultural history.

"Sharply put together and consistently entertaining." – Hollywood Reporter