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"A poignant story of poverty and role reversal." – Vox Magazine

Thirteen-year-old Spartacus and his ten-year-old sister Cassandra grew up begging on the streets with their alcoholic father and flower-selling mother, first in Romania and now in France. To their needy parents, they're the caregivers, shouldering responsibilities well beyond their tender years.

Then 21-year-old trapeze artist Camille takes them in, offering a glimpse of a different life. The siblings are forced to choose between the family they love and the possibility of a brighter future, a heartbreaking decision that isn't made any easier by knowing the right option.

In a documentary both tough and touching, director Ioanis Nuguet observes their challenging plight with clarity and understanding. Tackling issues of homelessness and poverty, Spartacus & Cassandra charts a harsh coming-of-age journey no child should have to experience, and shows the wisdom that can spring from living through hardship.

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