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“This could either be the world’s biggest murder mystery, or the world’s most idiotic conspiracy theory.” – Mads Brügger

In 1961, on his way to negotiate a ceasefire in the Congo, Swedish economist and UN Secretary-General Dag Hammersjköld died in a plane crash. But why was his corpse found with an ace of spades tucked into his collar? Why were there reports of gunfire? Did someone want Hammersjköld dead?

Parachuting himself into the centre of the mystery is Danish television host, documentarian and agent provocateur Mads Brügger (The Ambassador, MIFF 2012; The Red Chapel, MIFF 2010). What follows is an outrageous parade of revelations involving secret death squads, international spies and white supremacist militias, which earned our intrepid investigator Sundance’s World Cinema Documentary Directing Award.

Animated recreations, startling eyewitness interviews and Brügger’s own real-time digging unearth a sinister, spiralling conspiracy that could change how we think about modern African history. It might be a truth too horrifying to believe.

“Brügger’s movie plays mostly like a real-time thriller … nothing short of groundbreaking.” – The Playlist