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Meet a family of unregistered paramedics cruising Mexico City’s streets in this frenetic eye-opener – winner of Best Documentary at the Hong Kong and Guadalajara film festivals, and Sundance’s Special Jury Award for cinematography.

Nine million people. Forty-five government-run ambulances. When an emergency occurs in Mexico’s capital, help isn’t always on its way. Running their own unlicensed paramedic service, the Ochoas endeavour to assist the ailing and injured in their times of need. But, while their hearts are firmly in the right place, the family business relies on a spate of uncomfortable truths – bribing corrupt police officers to receive calls, racing fellow private operators to accident scenes and finding customers who can pay.

Directing, shooting, editing and producing his sophomore feature, Luke Lorentzen straps in for a chaotic ride through a rough reality. Segueing from car chases to life-and-death moments to warm embraces – as captured with stunning on-the-ground detail – his empathetic yet probing documentary examines the challenges and consequences of relying upon civilians to supplement the city’s overflowing public health care system.

“Extraordinarily compelling to watch, thanks in part to Lorentzen’s kinetic and colorful presentation … Midnight Family [is] a constantly riveting film that wrings out every kind of emotion, from anger to laughter to utter bewilderment.” – Movable Feast