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“People can now see what's happening. Climate Change is not a political issue; it's a humanity issue. It affects everyone on the planet." - Producer Paula DuPre Pesmen

Since An Inconvenient Truth brought the science of Earth's shifting climate to the screen, the divisive topic has been at the forefront of international debate. With the reasoning behind the global rise in temperatures continuing to polarise, National Geographic photographer James Balog set out to capture incontrovertible evidence of climate warming's impact via an ambitious, multi-continent time-lapse photo project visually documenting the increased speed of glacial melting over a matter of years.

A cynic himself before his Arctic journey, the charismatic, committed Balog was forever altered by his experience. Through a breathtaking collage of time-lapse footage, as well as elaborate glimpses behind the scenes, filmmaker Jeff Orlowski shares the evidence Balog has uncovered in this profoundly cinematic experience that must be seen on the big screen.

Winning the cinematography award at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, and the audience awards at this year's SXSW Film Festival and Hot Docs Festival, the immersive, inspiring Chasing Ice is an engaging blend of aesthetics and advocacy.

"Aesthetics and eco-advocacy are a perfect match in Chasing Ice, a doc so stuffed with eye-soothing images one prays it can seduce a climate-change skeptic or two." - Hollywood Reporter

D Jeff Orlowski P Paula DuPre' Pesmen, Jerry Aronson S Mark Monroe Dist Madman Entertainment TD HD Cam/2012