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“It's impossible not to root for these guys, or to leave Undefeated without feeling enormously moved by the experience of their joys and disappointments.” - Hollywood Reporter

Winner of the 2012 Academy Award for Best Documentary, Undefeated follows the fortunes of Coach Bill Courtney as he tries to end a high-school football team's 110-year losing streak.

Prior to Courtney's arrival the Manassas Tigers, a North Memphis team once considered Tennessee's worst, had resorted to literally selling their games to opposing schools seeking an easy win. But with the new coach's steady hand and focus on the players' emotional as well as physical strength, the team's reputation gains a chance at redemption.

Filmmakers Dan Lindsay and TJ Martin irrepressibly capture the triumphs and setbacks of the team's 2009 season, resulting in one of the year's most acclaimed documentary films.

“Enjoyably upbeat and intelligently inspiring, Undefeated [could] engage even folks who usually regard nonfiction features with the same enthusiasm that Superman displays when confronted with Kryptonite.” - Variety

D Daniel Lindsay, TJ Martin P Seth Gordon, Ed Cunningham, Glen Zipper, Rich Middlemas, Dan Lindsay Dist Madman Entertainment TD HD Cam/2011