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"A bristling little Australian indie that lands its many punches with pungent power." - Hollywood Reporter

After Greg (Vince Colosimo) is attacked by a young employee outside his home, he finds his life and his relationship with wife Claire (Sigrid Thornton) turned upside down, as a face-to-face intervention chaired by Jack (Matthew Newton) exposes secrets, lies and ever-increasing layers of complexity to a seemingly straight-forward story.

Also starring Luke Ford, Laura Gordon and Chris Connelly, this bristling ensemble piece from David Williamson (Gallipoli; Balibo, MIFF 2009) and filmmaker Michael Rymer (Angel Baby) takes a scalpel to Australian society, exposing the deep-seated prejudices that still exist under the surface.

Michael Rymer is a guest of the Festival.

D/S Michael Rymer P Leanne Hanley, Gabrielle Christopher, Michael Rymer, David Williamson WS Astral Pictures TD HD Cam/2011