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Hollywood actor Michael Rapaport brings the story of hip-hop's finest to the screen with a fan's devotion.

Prior to their breakup in 1998, the legendary A Tribe Called Quest were pioneers of alternative hip-hop, fusing jazz sounds with a creative lyrical approach that resonated with fans against the gangsta-heavy posturing of early 90s rap.

Rapaport's assured feature film directing debut is a compelling chronicle of the group's history and inner-workings across their five-album career, as well as an emotional front row seat to the spiralling egos and tensions that would eventually tear Quest apart.

Also featuring a who's-who of the rap world (De La Soul, Common, Pharrell Williams, Mos Def, Beastie Boys and members of The Roots), Beats, Rhymes & Life is a true goldmine of 90s new school.

"Gives the seminal early '90s hip-hop group as stylish and intimate a treatment as fans could hope for." - Variety

D Michael Rapaport P Edward Parks, Frank Mele, Eric Matthies TD HD Cam/2011